CA Articleship in Ahuja & Ahuja South Delhi CA Firm

Ahuja & Ahuja requires articles on ongoing basis. However, our Rules and Criteria for selection are very demanding. We welcome candidates who are dedicated towards articleship and want to get exposure in various areas of CA Profession. We expect the following qualities from our Articles:

Willingness to Learn

Non Serious candidates or those looking at training as a burden are unwelcome.

So if you Have It In You then Send Your Resume

  • SS RAO

    My friend remaining absent for a period of 7 years and being removed he made a lot of fight and could not succeed. When compensatory is available, he applied for that. But the administration saying that the case is 20 years old, as his fight last for 14 years, no records are available with the administration. Hence, the circulars clearly says, to consider the case after taking the old record. Hence, we are unable to proceed further. When approach HC, AP., they gave a direction to consider. But the officials are clearly gave it in writing no record is available, and in absence of record we could not pursue. It seems to me that the Record Retention duty and obligation lies with the Dept., and hence, when record is not available the benefit of doubt should be given to the claimant and decided. Any body can help in this matter with case law etc.He is a Railway employee from South Central Railway.