New RPU v 2.6 from NSDL for preparation of TDS returns

NSDL has launched new Return Preparation Utility (RPU) v 2.6 for preparation of TDS returns. This is the free version for preparation of TDS returns, however, in our experience using a paid software is much better than using free RPU as it is easier to create returns and there is less number of errors after validation. In some cases, we are able to validate returns without any error itself. Given below are some reasons why we suggest usage of paid software if as compared to RPU of NSDL.

  • Low No of Validation Errors
  • Preservation of Client History and Deductee PAN No and Details
  • Option to Export / Import from Excel
  • Ability to verify challans
  • Other validation features for less errors

However, if you have to make TDS returns only periodically then may well go with the free RPU utility


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