Professional Knowledge Challenge

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[info_box]We at Ahuja & Ahuja Chartered Accountants, believe in testing the frontiers of our knowledge, this challenge is an step in this regard.[/info_box]


[h2]What is “The Challenge”[/h2]

It is a game where one person challenges all his other colleagues that nobody has better knowledge than him on a particular subject. One week after the challenge, “The Showdown” happens where all the other colleagues ask the challenger, questions related to the topic of challenge and then winner is chosen among these based on the difficulty of the topic and the level of knowledge achieved by the challenger.


[h2]The Aim[/h2]

The Aim of this Challenge is to increase the level of awareness of Professional Topics among the staff of Ahuja & Ahuja and incubate a level of competitiveness among them.


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  1. Nice method for increasing professional efficiency and professional employee management. Overall growth of employee and organisation both.

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